Give your child a strong start through Little Learners Kindergarten Prep Preschool

Little Learners Kindergarten Prep Preschool is a quality early childhood education program that offers children ages 4-5 a fun and challenging curriculum to prepare them for kindergarten. Small class sizes, an engaging approach to learning, and a safe environment make Little Learners Kindergarten Prep the perfect choice for families looking to give their child a head start in school.

Philosophy & Teaching Approach

My goal is to introduce preschoolers to a range of wonderful subjects, expand their basic knowledge and prepare them academically for kindergarten, while also cultivating their imaginations and strengthening social skills. I have a particular love of reading and strive to instill that same love in my students.

Each child learns in different ways. To ensure that each student has the highest degree of success, I incorporate multiple learning methods. For example, when helping students learn letter names and sounds, I introduce the letter, an associated picture, and the ASL sign.

Small Class Sizes & Productive Schedule

Class sizes are limited to 8 students. I want to ensure that your student receives the personal attention and support they need.

Example of Daily Schedule

Opening Activities (Introduce/review weekly theme; Pledge of Allegiance; Calendar; Weather; Assign daily jobs)

Letter introduction

Dramatic/Free playtime*


Music/Art time

Number introduction

Story time

Fine motor skills

Movement time


*As preschoolers are learning to understand the world around them, they often enjoy more complex dramatic play like pretending to be a doctor or a chef. Dramatic play can increase creativity and encourage self-expression. This type of play can also build real-life skills like cooperation, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution.

Schedule, Classes & Pricing

Morning Session

9:00-11:30 a.m.

TUITION: $165 (month)

Afternoon Session

12:30-3:00 p.m.

TUITION: $165 (month)

School will start the first Tuesday of September and will conclude the end of May. Little Learners Kindergarten Prep will follow the school year calendar of Davis School District.

Meet Ms. Jackie

Little Learners Kingergarten Prep Preschool is owned and run by Jackie Rawlins. Ms. Jackie is the mother of six and has been working with young children in public settings for nearly 15 years - as a director and choreographer of youth summer theater productions, the Director of Cultural Arts for the City of Rexburg, and as the Librarian and substitute teacher at Monticello Academy-West Point.

Some of her awards and recognitions include:

  • Rexburg Kiwanis 2020 Person of the Year: "For work and service to the children and families of the community"

  • Monticello Academy 2021 Teacher of the Year Nominee: "Jackie is just one of those people who is naturally suited to teach and be around kids."

  • Monticello Academy 2022 Staff of the Year: "She is so passionate about helping her students learn to love reading."

  • Utah Association of Public Charter Schools - Circle of Excellence 2022 Teacher of the Year Nominee: "She does tons of behind-the-scenes work like taking care of cataloging computers, helping in the office, carpool, substitute teaching, organizing after school clubs. She is hard working and cares about the students, staff, and teachers."

”Jackie Rawlins is an exceptional teacher. Her ability to connect with her students and adapt to any situation is unparalleled. Whether faced with a challenging topic or a difficult student, she consistently finds a way to make it work. Her guidance will undoubtedly lead her students to achieve great things. Simply put, she is fantastic.

Debora C.
Special Education Teacher

What people are saying:

”I have known Jackie Rawlins for a couple of years. She has exceptional skills, she pays attention to all the details, she cares, and she finds tools to help each child in their own way. Jackie has been the heart beat of the school that my children attend. She listens to everyone and their needs and manages to help kids and parents to accomplish a plan that works."

Michelle M.

”Jackie makes everything memorable. She is very organized, and knows how to connect with children and inspire imagination."

Tisha F.

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